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Investor Relations
Allgeier Holding AG plans increase of share capital by conversion of capital reserves


On the annual general meeting of Allgeier Holding AG at the 21st of June, Managing Board and Supervisory Board of the Company will propose to resolve upon, inter alia a renewal of the authorisation of the Company’s Managing Board to acquire company shares, an authorisation to issue share options to employees and directors of the Company and its subsidiaries, and to increase the share capital from the Company’s own resources at a ratio of 4:1.

The share capital which was recently increased to Euro 3,299,000.00 using the authorized capital shall be increased by conversion of capital reserves of further Euro 824,750.00 to a total of Euro 4,123,750.00 by a respective resolution.

Provided that the general meeting will resolve as proposed, each shareholder would receive one new share of Allgeier Holding AG for any four existing shares once the resolution on the capital increase is registered.