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    Annual Report 2019
    Annual Report
    Allgeier reports growth in revenues and earnings in the business year 2019
Investor Relations
CSR Reporting

The structure of the Allgeier Group and our management approach are based on the principle of sustainable and responsible entrepreneurial conduct on all levels of the Group — from the Group holding company to the operating units in the divisions and their individual companies.

Allgeier owes its position in the market today to the entrepreneurial strength of our Group companies which is founded on innovative energy, flexibility and humanity. Today we see ourselves as a globally active Corporate Citizen, as an active and responsible part of our society.

Allgeier Sustainability Reporting – Find out more about the Allgeier Group’s commitment to sustainability in our CSR Report:

Allgeier SE CSR Report 2018

The text content of the Allgeier SE CSR Report 2018 corresponds to the Group non-financial statement pursuant to Section 315b HGB from the Allgeier SE Annual Report 2017, which was published on April 27, 2018, with the exception of the subsequently added pages „Constantinus Award 2018 for outstanding CSR project“.