What we do
Managed Services & App Management

By out-tasking partial sections or outsourcing entire IT departments to us, our customers are able to cut costs significantly and focus entirely on their own business-critical processes and areas of expertise. The flexible Allgeier Managed Services programs enable operational responsibility for selected services as well as for entire IT environments to be placed in the hands of experienced, specialists IT providers. Our solutions ensure transparent, scalable services to be provided even when the requirements are highly complex. Thanks to guaranteed standardised or individually agreed service level agreements, the customer has complete and transparent control of cost and quality at all times.

With our Application Management Services (AMS) we take over the entire lifecycle of applications for our customers – starting with continuous, uninterrupted operation including minor adjustments and corrections while up and running through to complex changes introduced as a part of projects.

Our expertise:
  • New development and reorganisation of both partial solutions and entire IT environments
  • Provision and operation of IT infrastructures in the network, data processing centre and client environment
  • Adaptation, implementation and support of SAP and non-SAP applications, including the relevant infrastructures and operating systems
  • Provision of cloud services in the public, private or hybrid cloud
  • Order-based and cross-border operation of business-critical applications in close coordination with the customer
  • Professional IT service management according to common market standards such as ITIL
  • Implementation of major changes and ongoing refinement of applications in line with the customer’s change process