What we do
Big Data / Business Intelligence

Ongoing information digitisation is creating increasing quantities of data and demands in terms of data administration are rising fast. Big data addresses the issue of how to process these enormous amounts of data. The intelligent analysis and processing of such volumes of information requires solutions which go beyond conventional technologies. Here we apply business intelligence systems which are able to capture and display information at high speed, incorporating diverse formats in their analysis (text, photos, videos etc.).

Our high-performance business intelligence concepts not only give companies swift access to important information, they also provide the analytical functions with which to evaluate the data. As an expert in the field of business intelligence we develop and operate well-conceived BI solutions such as mgm Hadoop for the high-capacity processing of bulk data – tailored precisely to the needs of our customers.

Our expertise:
  • Analysis and demand assessment in terms of fields of application within individual customer process environments
  • Efficient storage and data processing with real-time access to vast data stocks
  • Use of DWH technology used in the customer environment such as IBM (DB2, Data Stage), Oracle (DB, PL/SQL, OWB), Informatica, SAP, MS SQL
  • Sector-specific solutions for controlling, reporting and analysing functions based on the BI products of leading manufacturers IBM (Cognos), SAP, SAS, Microsoft, QlikTech as well as open source BI (Birt, Talend, Mondrian-Pentaho)