What we do
ECM & Collaboration

Information is a central resource and a key factor in all business processes. In order to achieve optimum value creation, the appropriate information has to be very simple to access on various end devices at the right place and the right time. For this reason, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is becoming increasingly important in companies so as to be able to handle the rising flood of information. ECM now covers virtually all relevant functions for administering information of all kind in IT-based processes. A growing number of companies also use ECM to support, streamline or automate their business processes as well as for archiving purposes.

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions such as scanview® support and control business processes in which information has to be exchanged, administered or archived. Scanview® covers the full range of functions relating to the capture, administration, storage and output of business documents. Its very open-ended and modular structure allows integration in any IT environment. Potential uses range from classic archiving through to a modern document and enterprise content management system (ECM).

With our GEMED PACS modules we provide high-performance image and data management solutions which cover all medical processes and administration functions.

We also offer our customers comprehensive collaboration solutions for use both inside companies and externally. Collaboration involves the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge. The relevant platforms create structures within the company to optimise collaboration and make knowledge accessible to as many staff members as possible.

Our expertise:
  • Support and control of business processes for the creation, administration and archiving of documents
  • Integration in all existing IT environments due to open-ended modular structure
  • Meeting the very latest ECM requirements such as workflow management, CAD integration and further integration of central DMS functions in CAD, CAM and PDM systems
  • Process consultation in the areas of ECM, workflow, document and knowledge management
  • Image and data management system with optimum scalability from an entry-level solution through to use as an enterprise version in hospital networks based on modular architecture
  • Years of experience in the introduction of process-oriented company, department and extranet portals based on Microsoft SharePoint
  • Integration of interactive Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 elements for comprehensive collaboration solutions (blogs, wikis etc.)
  • Customizing and individual development for optimum coordination of collaboration platforms in line with process sequences and structures