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Investor Relations
Annual corporate results of the Allgeier Group for the period ending 31.12.2004


Allgeier Holding AG / Annual result

On the meeting of the 26th of April 2005 the supervisory board certified the consolidated accounts in accordance with IAS. The in the ad hoc announcement of the 11.03.2005 announced temporary results for the year 2004 match the actual numbers. The year was closed with corporate sales of 39.6 million Euros (2003: € 39.1 million), an EBIT of € -2.6 million (2003: € – 6.6 million) and a net loss for the year of € 1.1 million (2003: € 3.0 million).

The consolidated accounts figures were influenced by following performances of the diverse business units: the unit base technology recorded a reduction in sales of € 8.7 million to a total of € 22.8 million (2003: € 31.5 million) and closed with a segment EBITDA of € 1.3 million (2003: € -1.4 million). The business unit IT raised its sales to € 16.8 million (2003:  € 7.6 million) and contributed a segment result of € 2.9 million. After holding costs and group eliminations remains an EBITDA of  € 3.0 million.

The consolidated group result 2004 also shows an improved liquidity: the operative cash flow of € 3.1 million together with changes in the working capital of € 3.9 million increased the from the ongoing business activity earned cash to € 7.0 million. Further has the Group received € 7.0 million through the emission of participation rights. The investments accumulated to a total of € 9.1 million in 2004. The available net capital reserves on the 31st of December 2004 could be raised to € 4.1 million. Therewith the group consolidated account shows a total of € 11.1 million liquid resources.

For the business year 2005 following developments begin to show: sales for the business unit IT will increase further significantly to a scope of € 36 million and lead to an EBITDA of around € 4 million and an EBIT of around € 3.4 million. In contrast stands the development of the business unit base technology, where sales will reduce further to around € 13 million, at an EBITDA of approx. € 1.4 million and a positive EBIT. For the corporate group results this will lead to total sales of approx. € 50 million, an EBITDA of around € 4 million and to an EBIT of € 2.2 million. The executive board expects for 2005 a positive group result. The forecasts can eventually be influenced by further acquisitions.