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Investor Relations
Capital increase from authorised capital


Ad-hoc announcement according to §15 WpHG:

CEO and the supervisory board of the Allgeier Holding AG decided today to raise the registered capital of the company of € 3.000.000,00 by up to € 299.000,00 to a total of € 3.299.000,00 through the issuing of up to 299.000 new shares in name of the owner registered common stock under part use of the allowed capital.

The issue price is € 5,00 per share. The legal subscription right on new stock is excluded. The stock is placed by the VEM Aktienbank AG and will be privately placed to private and institutional investors as well as to employees of the corporation. After realisation of the increase in share capital the shares will be registered in the commercial register and soon thereafter will the shares be floated on the stock market.

Purpose of the increase in capital stock is to support the corporate surplus and in particular to assure the financing of the planned takeover, which has been announced in the Ad-hoc announcement on the 18.02.2005. The planned acquisition is currently undergoing contract negotiations. Further is the increase in share capital supposed to strengthen the rating of and the confidence in the company on the capital market.

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