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Investor Relations
Letter of Intent


Ad-hoc publication according to § 15 WpHG

Allgeier Holding AG, Munich, ISIN 0005086300, informs that Allgeier Holding AG plans to increase its scope of services through an Acquisition of companies.

Allgeier Holding AG has reached an agreement, verified by a Letter of Intent, to acquire a German mid-sized Group with a turnover of over €20 Million.

Allgeier Holding AG has further signed a Memorandum of Understanding to acquire different business segments of a mid-sized German company in the IT-services field with a turnover in the range of €5 to €10 million.

Regarding any further details, all parties agreed upon disclosure. The realisation of the transaction depends in both cases upon the still outstanding due diligence, the outcome of the still to be completed contract negotiations, and finally on the decision of the Allgeier Holding AG executive and supervisory board.

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