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Investor Relations
Provisional results for the year


Ad-hoc announcement according to §15 WpHG:

According to the temporary, uncertified group results after IFRS, Allgeier Holding AG will close the 2004 financial year with a group revenue of 39.6 million euros (2003: 39.1 million euros) and with an operative group EBITDA result of around 2.9 million euros (2003:– 1.2 million euros). After operative depreciation of 1.9 million euros goodwill depreciation of 3.6 million euros an EBIT group result of–2.6 million euros was created and an overall group loss of 1.0 million euros.

The main reason for the negative group result is an accumulation of impositions in the base technology sector in the 4th quarter of 2004. Amongst other causes for the negative result of the business section is an accumulation of redundancy payments, other personal measures and goodwill depreciations of corporate assets, thereby affecting the Group earnings negatively. After correction of different non-recurring expenses from accumulated redundancy payments and depreciation and amortization of corporate assets, the operative result of the mentioned business segment and of the Group overall is positive. In particular the IT business segment performed positively. The cash flow of the Group was positive.

The IT solutions business unit of Allgeier Holding AG performed with an overall growth of 10%, the GFU (acquired in 2004) was consolidated over an 8 month period and contributed positively to the Group growth and to the overall Group result. The ICC GmbH (acquired in December 2004) is only consolidated in the balance sheet; a consolidation in the profit and loss accounts has not occurred due to the point of acquisition on the 30.12.2004. 

The base technology business sector, although early recovering measures were initiated, closed with a loss. The continuing price wars in the telecommunications industry, which caused the spin-off of the telecommunication business unit into a joint-venture, caused turnover reductions of approx. 9 million euros. This triggered further needed restructuring measures. These caused further costs, which were felt particularly in the 4th quarter. Despite the turnover reduction, an improvement of the operative result could be achieved, the EBITDA rose after a loss in 2003 to a positive value in 2004, but after write offs, interest and taxes a substantial loss remains.

The economic situation of the Allgeier Group is overall positive, despite the non-recurring negatively impacting results. Due to the negative group result of Allgeier Holding AG no dividend payments will be possible for the financial year 2004.