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The Allgeier Enterprise IT segment is a full-range provider of software & IT solutions and services for critical business processes with broad and far-reaching expertise. The Enterprise IT segment assists global corporations, SMEs and public sector contractors in their digital transformation and the optimization of the digital business processes along the entire value chain. The segment offers its clients a full portfolio of IT services for major software projects and long-term managed services and maintenance agreements. The companies of the Allgeier Enterprise IT segment design, create and operate end-to-end IT solutions for implementing and supporting clients’ critical business processes on the basis of business software products. They do this using their own IP-based software architecture and solutions plus market-leading software products and platforms for the digitalization of business processes in cooperation with providers such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM and Oracle. One key area is the development of software solutions on the basis of open source components. The segment is benefiting equally from Allgeier Group’s good positioning as a long-term digitalization partner for the public sector on the one hand, on the basis of its wealth of experience, specific expertise and outstanding references, and – on the other – high requirements for further and more rapid digitalization in the public sector and what it offers for private citizens and companies.

The Enterprise IT segment has a large pool of resources with highly qualified software and IT experts, which enables it to guarantee a high level of scalability and flexibility in project implementation and support. Its employees combine in-depth technical knowledge, comprehensive process and sector expertise and consulting capability in the fields of open source software development, business efficiency solutions, cyber and IT security, business process management, enterprise content management, cloud/containerizing and mobile applications. With their consulting, development, project planning, implementation and support services, the segment’s companies create IT solutions in the core areas for business software, such as:

  • Open source software development, in particular for public sector contractors: Political issues such as digital sovereignty, European data protection and the “Public Money, Public Code” initiative are making open source solutions increasingly relevant, especially in the field of public sector contractors. Starting with consulting for all facets of this issue, through open source-compliant software development and the development of industry solutions as open source software to long-term support for such solutions and entire communities, a completely new market is emerging in Germany and Europe. Allgeier Enterprise IT is positioned on the growth market for open source software development as an innovation leader for public administration.
  • BDP – Business Digitalization Platform: The original roots of the Allgeier Group lie in this area. Business efficiency solutions for business process digitalization are implemented for SME and enterprise clients with the in-house development syntona logic® and leading standard software solutions from international manufacturers such as Microsoft and SAP, plus itrade series add-ons for specific industries.
  • Document Management (DMS)/Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Document-intensive business processes are supported and executed for clients with high efficiency using the company’s proprietary digital information management with integrated DMS and ECM functions – metasonic® Doc Suite.
    The entire value chain of the editing process is supported – from the detection, read-out and editing of content in professional workflow sequences through to tamper-proof archiving. On request, the solutions are integrated into the client’s IT infrastructure or are offered as complete cloud solutions with hosting in separate German data centers. The advantages for companies that use an ECM solution such as metasonic® Doc Suite are clear: They can save a lot of time and money thanks to more efficient processes. This achieves a high degree of automation for office work, which is often still largely analog, and so takes the strain off employees.
  • Cybersecurity: Data security is becoming ever more critical for organizations of all sectors and sizes. The segment combines experienced IT security, cybersecurity and IT forensics experts and offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT and cyber-security consulting, operations and (incident) response & emergency that fully meets the growing demands of the IT security market.
    The segment also offers its own software solutions, including for the encryption of SharePoint platforms or e-mail traffic. The company’s own IT security software solution julia mailoffice is already in use at a number of ministries, government agencies and large enterprises. EMILY and EMILY SP (SharePoint) ensure secure collaboration.
  • SAP: The Enterprise IT segment offers its clients Full-Stack SAP Services, extending from project consulting to managed services for the high-end midmarket.
  • Business Process Management (BPM): At their core, all business software solutions are about the IT-supported execution and optimization of business processes. Process tools need to be particularly flexible in their interaction with a variety of software products and ever faster change cycles for software and business processes. With its metasonic® Process Suite, which comprises the latest generation BPM software and a platform for dynamic process applications, Allgeier supports clients in producing in producing bespoke software solutions in significantly shorter cycles. Interactive touchscreens make things especially easy: Assembling business processes and quickly building functional applications is child’s play for teams – and eliminates the need for them to do any programming of their own.
  • Cloud solutions: The Enterprise IT segment builds and operates a variety of cloud solutions for its clients in the areas cited above.
    Software solutions can be operated in private cloud environments (an enterprise cloud), Allgeier data centers or public cloud environments. The utmost possible data security and resilience are top priorities, as are reliability and load capacity for large data volumes. In addition to many medium-sized companies, the segment’s offerings are also used by large multinationals and the public sector.
  • Mobile: User interfaces for a wide variety of mobile devices are becoming the standard for modern business software for access to processed data. The Enterprise IT segment implements individual solutions for a large number of clients in the mobile applications area.

The companies in the Enterprise IT segment served more than 2,000 clients in Germany and internationally in fiscal year 2022. These include large corporations such as 18 of the 40 DAX companies, a variety of public sector contractors at various federal levels and a number of SMEs. The clients are broadly distributed across a variety of different industries. The companies in this segment possess special expertise in the areas of the public sector, insurance/banks and industry.

The companies of the Allgeier Enterprise IT segment had 37 locations as of June 30, 2023, 27 of which in Germany, six in other European countries (Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Poland), one in USA and three in India.

Allgeier Experts also belongs to the Enterprise IT segment. Allgeier Experts is one of the leading providers of flexible personnel services in Germany, especially in the fields of IT and engineering. Allgeier Experts operates as a specialist IT personnel service provider, both in staffing for high-level client projects and in conjunction with in-house Allgeier projects in the services segment. According to the 2021 Lünendonk® market segment study, “The Market for Recruitment, Placement and Management of IT Freelancers in Germany”, Allgeier Experts is one of Germany’s top four IT personnel service providers in this area.

The Allgeier Enterprise IT segment includes the following Allgeier companies: Allgeier inovar, Allgeier IT Services, Allgeier Experts, Allgeier Public, publicplan, Evora IT Solutions, it-novum, SDX, Allgeier Engineering, Allgeier (Switzerland)

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