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The mgm technology partners segment (mgm) is a consulting and solutions provider for digitization projects and one of the leading service providers for e-government in Germany. mgm stands for digital sovereignty for IT, business and organization. mgm technology partners offers its clients cooperation and assumption of responsibility on a partnership basis – from integrated consulting to an enterprise platform solution.

As a high-end software and technology company, mgm technology partners defines its own success by the contribution made by the systems produced to its clients’ business performance. mgm develops enterprise applications for the commerce and insurance industries and the
public sector on the basis of the latest technologies and its own platform solutions. Together with the specialist subsidiaries mgm consulting partners (management consulting for digitization, experts in CIO advisory, organizational development and change management) and mgm security partners (web application security), mgm covers the full range of current and future digitization issues.

mgm takes the approach of digital sovereignty, whereby organizations retain authority over and knowledge of their own IT systems. As a long-standing partner to public administrations, mgm shares the values of its contractors for self-determined software handling. mgm helps its private sector clients and partners to achieve their strategic goals – which increasingly intersect with digital sovereignty in the context of the emerging platform economy. As a specialist in model-based development, mgm develops software solutions that enable experts to adapt even highly complex, integrated applications on their own. mgm’s own product development around the “A12” platform is used as a basis in all sectors. This model-based, low-code platform is the future-proof foundation for mastering complexity in digital
business and making clients’ business sustainably efficient in the long term. Individual developments for integration into companies’ critical IT landscapes remain a key focus.

mgm specializes in the commerce and insurance industries and the public sector, which are particularly stable or resistant in times of crisis. The coronavirus pandemic led to a boom in online retail and highlighted the significant need for digitization in the public sector.

Public Sector

  • mgm is the technology partner and developer behind electronic tax returns in Germany. Today, more than 23 million private individuals and more than five million companies send data using software developed by mgm. All commercial tax-saving programs use ELSTER authentication. All data validation, data encryption and transmission uses ERIC (ELSTER Rich Client).
  • In the public sector, the A12 platform is a tried and tested solution for the legally required implementation of the German
    Online Access Act by the end of 2022 and other digitization projects in public authorities and administrations at federal and state level. Modular parts from the ELSTER ecosystem, for example, also play a major role in other e-government solutions, such as building an infrastructure for a uniform business account in Germany. Structural digitization and fully digital accessibility for private individuals and companies of all kinds in Germany is also an attractive field for future business.


  • mgm sees commerce as an individual high-speed business. The company is active in both B2B and B2C with a focus on two products: SAP Customer Experience (formerly SAP Hybris) and mgm Commerce ERP. It has been a Gold Partner for the SAP Hybris Omnichannel Suite since 2009. mgm Commerce ERP combines established elements from more than 20 years of experience in mail order business and the development of highly scalable, transactional online applications. The backend is based on the multi-channel solution Choice 6. This was originally developed by MOS-TANGRAM, which mgm acquired in 2015, and is successfully used by more than 100 mail order companies in Europe.


  • mgm has focused on digitization in the industrial insurance business since 2006. The in-house development “mgm Cosmo” is a digital platform offering integrated product configuration, underwriting, digital collaboration and cover, loss and process modeling in the highly complex and individual industrial insurance business.
  • At the same time, mgm does not always act purely as a service provider that concludes and hands over a commissioned project after an agreed date. Part of the platform strategy is the establishment of long-term partnerships with insurers and brokers, through which mgm aims to participate directly in the success of digitalization initiatives.
  • In consulting for the insurance industry, the focus is on business intelligence and data warehouse projects.
  • mgm intends to further bolster its work for the insurance industry through the northport joint venture. Together with its joint venture partner, mgm is planning to build a digital product portfolio for insurance providers, brokers and clients.

Another industry focus in management consulting is energy providers, especially for CIO advisory and sourcing services.

The mgm technology partners segment works for around 180 clients, including two of the 30 DAX companies and a number of public sector contractors and institutions at federal, state and municipal level.

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