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The mgm technology partners segment (mgm) is an international software company that ranks among the leading providers for e-government and commerce solutions in Germany. mgm offers an integrated range of services extending from the internally developed A12 enterprise low-code platform to the complete handling of individual enterprise projects and the secure operation of the software in a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. At mgm, sustainable model-driven software engineering means taking responsibility in the long term and refining complex enterprise applications. The advantages of the low-code principle create long-term efficiency: Experts in other fields without programming expertise can make adjustments and create new applications. mgm is also working on this with several universities (RWTH Aachen, Basel University, LMU Munich) in order to build on its leading position.

mgm is chosen for large and long-lasting software projects in particular with a focus on scalability, security and reliability, e.g. for ELSTER Online and clients such as Lidl or Allianz. This makes mgm a strong partner for commerce, insurance and the public sector – which are all expected to experience strong momentum in digitalization in the coming years.

Together with the dedicated service portfolio of the subsidiaries mgm consulting partners (management consulting), mgm security partners (security), mgm integration partners (SAP process optimization) and QFS Quality First Software (test automation), mgm covers the full range for digitalization projects: From digital consulting and software development and integration, SAP, S4/HANA through to infrastructure, managed services and cloud.

mgm has systematically improved its in-house software production processes in recent years in the direction of cross-project optimization. The result is an in-house product development on the basis of the proprietary A12 enterprise low-code platform. Software products such as mgm Cosmo (industry solution for industrial insurance) and TMT (test management for software development) are offered building on this. mgm thus markets the procedural models and tools trialed in-house and thereby becomes a valuable partner to all companies that have to build more and more on their software expertise within their own value chain. The more applications that are implemented according to this industrial production approach, the more mgm and its clients benefit from this scalable approach. mgm applies the approach of digital sovereignty, whereby every company retains authority over and knowledge of its own IT systems and data.

mgm specializes in the commerce, insurance and public sector industries, which are particularly crisis-stable or crisis-resistant.

Public Sector

  • mgm is the technology partner and developer behind ELSTER, the electronic tax returns system in Germany. Today, the income tax returns of more than 30 million people are sent to the tax authorities using software developed by mgm.
    All data validation, data encryption and transmission uses either elster.de or the ERiC (ELSTER Rich Client) component, which is also run by mgm and incorporated into all tax programs. In total, the systems processed more than 62 million income tax, corporation tax, VAT and land tax returns in 2022 – plus statements using the cash method of accounting, declarative statements and other procedures. Approximately 56 million VAT and wage tax returns were received from companies and organizations. Modular parts from the ELSTER ecosystem now also play a major role in other e-government solutions, such as the infrastructure for a uniform business account in Germany.
  • In the public sector, the mgm A12 platform is a tried and tested solution for the legally required implementation of the German Online Access Act and other digitalization and infrastructure projects in public authorities and public sector companies at federal and state level.
  • In the public sector especially, the last few years have seen an increase in the number and scope of projects in which developers and architects, QA experts and security specialists work together with consultants for clients.


  • mgm sees commerce as an individual high-speed business. The company supports the full commerce value chain from purchasing to goods flows and front office with individual solutions that maximize clients’ optimization potential and thus make a significant contribution to business success.
  • mgm’s e-grocery software based on SAP Commerce Cloud provides a proven solution for modern online shops specifically for food retail, including a connected picking app for click & collect services.
  • The subsidiary mgm integration partners specializes in SAP process optimization for supply chains. The combination of this special expertise with the experience of other mgm areas, in consulting on ERP migration projects (S/4HANA) and implementation using SAP Commerce Cloud, adds up to a multifaceted SAP solution offering.


  • mgm has focused on digitalization in the industrial insurance business since 2006. “mgm Cosmo”, which is based on the A12 enterprise low-code platform, is a digital platform offering integrated product configuration, underwriting, digital collaboration and cover, loss and process modeling in the highly complex and individual industrial insurance business and – in the final phase of development – the end-to-end digitalization of business and customer processes.
  • Part of the platform strategy is the establishment of longterm partnerships with insurers and brokers, through which mgm aims to participate directly in the success of digitalization initiatives.
  • In consulting for the insurance industry, the focus is on business intelligence and data warehouse projects, including in the context of Solvency II.

Another key industry focus in management consulting (mgm consulting partners) is energy providers, especially for CIO advisory and sourcing services.

The mgm technology partners segment worked for more than 200 clients in fiscal year 2022, including twelve of the 40 DAX companies and a number of public sector contractors and institutions at federal, state and municipal level.

As of June 30, 2023, the mgm technology partner segment’s companies were located at 21 sites, 13 of which in Germany, one each in France, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Czechia and the US plus two development sites in Vietnam.

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