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Christmas Packs for children in need

Zwerg Nase

Goetzfried AG participated in the promotional event “Christmas packs for children in need” for the first time in the year 2011. The foundation Kinderzukunft started the project more than 15 years ago. Many children in Eastern Europe live in very poor conditions. The foundation Kinderzukunft would like to give these children joy on the occasion of Christmas. Gifts are distributed to orphans and street children, sick children as well as children from poor families in homes, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and in slums.

Many colleagues of Goetzfried AG participated in the promotional event and industriously packed gifts. Goetzfried handed over close to 30 presents to the voluntary helpers. The project is supported by numerous honorary helpers, who distributed the packs in December 2011 in Romania and Bosnia-Herzegowina.