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The cloud check list from Allgeier


Using a cloud computing solution in your company poses many questions. We want to help you to consider your essential demands for this enterprise along the cloud check list from Allgeier

  • Does the software run at the full SAAS mode?
  • As a customer, do you have to install the software by yourself?
  • Are there additional costs for the software apart the SAAS charges?
  • Is an investment in the infrastructure necessary for running the software correctly?
  • Where is the software solution located? The hosting? (site of the data centre)
  • How does the maintenance service work?
  • How is the invoicing procedure organized?
  • Do you offer real time solution via internet?
  • Do I need technical modifications at my IT?
  • Is it necessary to re-organize the workflow in my company?
  • Do we require an integration of the SAAS application into your working processes?
  • Which interfaces, tools and models are employed for realizing it?
  • Who is the co-contractor of the customer?
  • Will a third party be involved in the agreement?
  • Is a user or geographic expansion available when using the software?
  • What kind of back office processes are required (e.g. invoicing, automated encashment via direct debit or credit card, etc.)?
  • How do you exchange software versions of the application without affecting the users?
  • What are for instance the update cycles and what is the necessary schedule?
  • Who is the admin of users and logins?
  • How many clients can be managed by this solution?
  • What is the demanded and feasible level of automation for providing new clients?
  • How large is the scope of service and maintenance at the service provider?
  • Is a service desk provided?
  • How deep are the incident management processes controlled and documented?
  • What kind of operations and data can be monitored?
  • Are there admin accesses?
  • Do the applications respect the German Privacy Act or other relevant international legal norms?
  • Is specific customer data sufficiently protected (e.g. accounting)?
  • Is the protection of the processed data adequate, for instance against spy out (Data Loss Prevention)
Click here for the cloud-check-list of Allgeier IT Solutions (pdf)