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Press Releases Archives
Press Releases
12/11/2013 - terna extents Corporate Planning’s partner network
12/02/2013 - terna and Infor M3 strengthen Verla-Pharm from the inside
08/29/2013 - Allgeier named “Best Systems Company 2013” by users
07/16/2013 - BSH IT Solutions: BSH IT Solutions GmbH integrates the business division IT infrastructure of Allgeier IT Solutions GmbH
03/14/2013 - 1eEurope (Switzerland) AG becomes Allgeier (Switzerland) AG
01/25/2013 - terna: terna acquires Opus Solution AG in Switzerland
01/23/2013 - mgm tp: Software company mgm technology partners – new location Leipzig
01/16/2013 - TOPjects: Change to TOPjects management