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A work environment, which motivates employees

A healthy Work Environment

Christian Kranebitter, manager of the Allgeier Company Terna said “To successfully meet the challenges – today and in future – we are massively investing in our employees, because we know that the success of our company depends very much on the people, who are the bearers of our vision”. He is convinced about the significance of the strategic personnel. He further said “Only together with motivated and well trained employees we can achieve our growth targets and guarantee our company success.”

On 1st July 2012, Terna opened a company-internal campus for training and further education of the employees. Specific training in the fields of ERP Software, consulting, project management, information technology and industrial management have been started for enforcing the know-how building and expansion in the company. Special start-up programmes prepare new employees optimally for their tasks in Terna and support rapid orientation to the company. Video conference rooms equipped with modern equipment in all the subsidiaries facilitate a virtual participation in training from all Terna locations.

Working in Terna means to be able to further develop personally and professionally as well as function in a challenging, modern and motivating environment. A sum of partially exceptional social services turns Terna into a very attractive employer. Therefore, Terna provides: tea, coffee and fruits in campus, events full of action, like rafting or skiing weekends, food vouchers. Fields especially created for the employees, like Terna arena with an X-Box station and several cafeterias are used as recuperation zones as well as communication points. Flexible working times also ensure an optimal Work-Life balance. A personal DU among all employees up to the management, additionally supports internal communication, cohesion and creates the pre-requisite for constructive and successful team working.