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    Annual Report 2023
    Annual Report 2023
    Annual Report 2023 is online
    Q1 interim information 2024
    Q1 interim information 2024 is online
    Q1 interim information 2024 is online
Who we are
Personnel development
Allgeier supports employees responsibility and development.

We support our employees systematically in realizing their professional and personal goals. At Allgeier, active personnel development means supporting the individual career goals of our employees, encouraging responsibility and developing knowledge and skills to benefit our clients. Our goal is to extend sustainably our leading edge in the market for IT services and thereby secure jobs in a long run.
Entry program
Our group provides new employees with entry programs to ensure successful integration into their area of responsibility, department and the entire group. Our kick-off program is designed to familiarize new hires with their responsibilities and establish important contacts with their colleagues.
Training program
Our decisive competitive edge is our employees’ know-how and expertise. Our goal is to get better and better each day and give our clients our best in each and every situation. Technical courses, IT training, management seminars, language lessons, etc. represent the systematic advancement and training basis of our personnel development.